The Purpose of a Constitution
umair haque

I’m sure you think that everything you write is divinely inspired, or some such… This drivel, as it happens, is completely unmoored from any requirements that it Not be irritatingly ideological, and miss the entire point of the history of the United States of America.

I don’t care where you’re from, am mildly entertained by your reputation as an economist [one step up from a lawyer], a thinker, a whatever. If this output — like Krugman, Reich, other yoyos — is what passes for intellectually acceptable work products, somebody, somewhere needs to tell you that you’re full of it… Like Piketty’s overly long babbling French tome on inequality, your rambling about non-economic subjects is simply that: an illogical, meaningless ramble. If this were music, we’d change the channel.

Are there problems in America that relate to the massive divides that have been promulgated over 50 years by the progressives versus the conservatives? Absolutely. Do both sides stink regularly. Certainly. The progressives, though, have reached a level of having no moral or ethical base from which to scream their demands for shredding the Constitution one Supreme Court transaction at a time. That the left is in free fall — DMC, msm, black lives matter to somebody, Muslims on Sharia, open borders, atheism, abortion at eugenic levels — is a well-earned result.

Do they matter, these complaints? This attempt you made to say that our Constitution, that has allowed us to both save and mess up the world over the past 100 years -because it’s interpreted by humans, and run by humans — misses the point as badly as Hillary, Soros, and that whole anti-American, intolerant to any other thought patterns have.

I like your style of pulling things apart to consider them, but somehow you appear to have no philosophical underpinnings to your analysis. I won’t claim it’s due to your economist roots, but we certainly have weathered reams of drivel from that sector… :)

So, please leave our Constitution alone. Do note that the Supreme Court balance is going to continue to shift right for the next few years, and will stay that way for decades. Trump, for all his misbehavior and unwillingness to refrain from calling out the “swamp”, will continue to beat the drum that this Constitution matters — and at least 150 Million Americans agree wholeheartedly with him…

Finally, should we do better, at healthcare, at justice, at stopping things that don’t work like multiculturalsm, social justice warriors, political correctness on university campuses? All of the above. We should make sure that Medicaid continues for those that need it — including Veterans savaged by a totally corrupt VA. We should actually Do Something about containing the banking system, for the people… tough to imagine. We should be better, but we won’t if talented but “bent” people like you never understand why American history and its Constitution have been at the heart of why this is still the place people want to come to for their futures…