Dave House:
umair haque

Now that’s funny…

No, not a “fit of rage”, nor am I inclined to stand by anyone unconditionally anymore…

I’m just sick of the drivel on the other side, especially from a reasonably enlightened individual whose prose is compelling if mistaken.

America is, historically, special, and the arc from landing here to independence was memorialized by these documents that we hold to be the philosophical foundation of our republic.

As for thinking clearly about the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, or the viciously bifurcated perspectives of what those documents mean today, do you think this is a new issue? It certainly sounds that way. You’re of course aware -as an example — of the significantly negative impact on the black community that “entitlement programs” from Johnson, Kennedy, et al in the 60’s have had… but, gosh, weren’t we trying to make things better?

On the other hand, I think it’s viciously short-sighted not to have a solid low-income healthcare program that is understood to be a necessity, a thing to be funded however it gets done. The impact on our society for this “small” acknowledgment of the basics of human Life [maybe happiness, not certain about liberty…] has, I believe, profound value, and should not be missed.

You won’t be surprised that I think it is also necessary for our political landscape somehow to change, to at least attempt a focus on being one America, on publicly acknowledging the need for telling the truth about the good and the bad done by our institutions, by our parties, by our government. We are far from being able to do so, given that the left was surprised to lose the election, the coronation and continuation of power that was to be a foregone conclusion — all of the nasty Trumpians showing up in just the right places, as if someone on his staff knew the saddlepoints for each of the key state… But change? The left is wildly overreacting, violent, intolerant, unwilling to get on with whatever is coming, having lost power in such a surprising manner… No chance.

The problem is not with a Constitution that has caused America to stand up and help, to build more, earn more, be more than any other country in our short history. It is with the 50-year secular humanistic, marxist attacks on the primary culture of the society, the gradual erosion of public civility, of any agreed-upon morality, the lessening of ethics.

I personally am fed up with the Dems and the GOP for different reasons, and only hope that this guy most of you hate can continue to slog away at fixing the messes caused by the progressive forces and the “Chamber of Commerce” monsters. That the progressives see no absolutes, demand their own way like 2-year olds, insist that meritocracy is a joke, that their view is all that counts is deplorable — and is close to setting off the old, quiet right, as it did in November.

You’re mistaken if you think an earnest conversation causes rage: my intent is rather to explicate why I think the Constitution matters, despite Obama’s 8-year reign of lawlessness, despite the outcry about AG Sessions calling for actually enforcing the “laws that Congress has passed…” I will guarantee you this: if Trump and his government leaves us as damaged in every way that Obama did purposefully, he will never get a second term, and I will be “writing loudly” to those ends.

If, as I often say in these chats, you are an honest man of integrity, then you need to look at both sides’ culpability in the mess we’re in, and understand that the massive lying that has gone on, personally and institutionally on Both Sides needs to be attacked as forcefully as any war we have endured, civil or otherwise. The lies that have been told about Trump since Jan. 20th are legion, and none of them have helped our country. That the Constitution and its structures, laws, and values is still of preeminent value to Americans is not, then, anything close to being in question, rather how far our parties, leaders, and bureaucrats have fallen in their willingness to truthfully represent us.

This, though, is where a miraculous future gets stuck: even if we assumed that the GOP were eternally forgiving for the vicissitudes of the Dems over the past several years, why would anyone expect the Dems to grow up and look at every way they could help this all work together?