SPOILER ALERT — You can safely read ahead, I have not talked of any specifics of the movie.

Since few weeks, few friends and colleagues are referring to me as ‘bachelor’. Why so? As I am staying all by myself.

Fortunately, this tag has not reached my society office, else I might have to produce my marriage certificate and get automatically certified that I will live as most civilized creature ever.

So what these people expected for I being a bachelor?

I should be partying almost every day, looking out for ‘opportunities’ and act as per textbook definitions of enjoyment.

Of course, I resorted to more difficult and challenging activity of binge-watching.

One night, out of curiosity, I checked what Indian films Netflix have, and saw ‘Sairat’ poster.

Now, I was aware of the fame of Sairat and it was in my mental watchlist, but even after living in Pune for 11 years, I still cannot enjoy Marathi cinema.

I can converse in Marathi as well as understand most of it when done one-to-one.

But Marathi cinema is same as English cinema for me — I need subtitles.

So, watching Sairat was not happening and when I saw it on Netflix, I jumped to it.

Expectation before the movie — a famous Marathi movie, with a very famous song, and mostly a teen love story.

Now, I am not that person who gets the nuances of cinema like

‘wow… what nice use of wide shot’,
‘oh that’s a metaphor’,
‘oh that calendar in the background signifies Physics 3rd law’.

Although I am being sarcastic, I also respect those who can actually carry these statements.

So, the garden-variety viewer starts getting amazed by

  • the awesome depiction of a typical village of Maharashtra — the way people live, behave in certain situations & the body language of upper caste master and his troops and lower caste villagers.
  • songs — music as well as the weaving of the story in the song
  • the lead actors — I was surprised to know that this was their first movie.
  • the reality — can two people love each other in India, without the fear of getting ‘caught’, for doing the most prominent thing nature has imbibed in us?
the love story — Wow.
The tenderness of adolescent infatuation, the whole-world-against-us feeling, i-love-you-to-the-moon-and-back portrayal, and…. words are reaching its limits.

After the movie got over, for three straight days, I am feeling the hangover. It is still in my ‘cache’.

To add to it was the the coincidence of the release of Dhadak trailer (it is a remake/inspiration of Sairat), the very next day, and the slurry of articles, full of spoilers, crying of Karan Johar destroying the original movie.

I am not the right guy to suggest a movie for its cinematic excellence, but if you are up for watching a mass-approved, mast movie, watch it — before Dhadak or after — your choice.

In my mind, the gut wrenching differences — of the exhilarating love story to stark reality, the state of our society, the mega words of our ‘great’ country versus the ground reality — still lingers.

Where are we heading?

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