Shri Ganesh

It was a late evening of late 2005. I had this conversation with the only cool dude roommate.

Cool_Dude: Areey, I blog.

Dhruv, the muggle: Means? Whats a blog?

Cool_Dude: It means you write online. You write about anything under the sun. Could be a diary or a shayri, could be a rant or an advt for rent. Anything.

Dhruv, the wheres-the-money: Ok, whats the benefit?

Cool_Dude: Well, I am doing it as part of my MBA entrance exam preparation.

Dhruv notes. For MBA entrance exam, one should blog, and misplaces the note somewhere.

Cut to 2017, humming ‘Here I am, this is me’, mustering the effort to start a blog.

What is a blog? Its a short form of web-log. A log on the web, ie internet. This is a bookish definition.

A more relevant one-liner is ‘Your writing pad, seen in public. Readers give feedback through comments or likes/claps/thumbs-up/thumps-down.’

Why now? Well, I am late.

On what will I write?

Blogs are broadly of these types:

1. Focused — Dedicated towards a specific topic/activity/interest area. For eg., travel blog talks of travel experiences; food blog talks of recipes, food reviews; financial blog talk about all thing financial; and so on.

2. Company-owned — Acts as company’s mouthpiece on latest news and views.

3. Dear diary — A personal account of one’s life.

I will attempt to write, predominantly to,

  1. share information
  2. share experiences
  3. channelize constant commentary running in my mind
  4. increase understanding and depth of few areas, as writing will require a good amount of groundwork
  5. rant

So, it won’t be a focused blog, neither would it be a diary equivalent. It would be a loosely stitched collection of my experiences, thoughts and opinions. Chances are very bleak that it would morph into ‘Life and its hidden meanings’ or a clickbait or ‘Safal hone k 101 tarike’.

Where will I blog?

I thought of having an exclusive site for it, but i am not too confident if the efforts of developing and maintaining are worth it, as of now. So, to start with, I will use

Cool. Lets the go begin.

Humming Rang birangi vehmo mein…mein udta phiru

Recycled image of ‘How to start jogging’