Where mountains are the backs of sleeping giants
Jacob Jeffries

I agree with Martin.strange – really interesting often beautiful writing. It reminded me at points of Haroun and the Sea of Stories (S. Rushdie), particularly given some of the playful inventiveness of your anthropomorphises. I really look forward to reading further.

On a side note, I too have a story that is cloud based. It’s on the back burner as it was one I wrote based purely on a premise, which ran and ran… and ran (to 20K+ words), then I hit a wall of sorts. and. it. stopped. Perhaps you can empathise.

Anyhow, in my research for it I happened upon a document (PDF) entitled “Terms used by meteorologists, forecasters, weather observers, and in weather forecasts – Compiled from several sources”. It runs to about 30 pages and is an alphabetical list of what it sounds like. It might eke out some inspiration for your Cloudsea (GREAT title/word use) writing. Maybe you could track it down. If you can’t find it let me know. I may have a digital copy kicking around. Hope it helps.

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