7 Things To-Do before Ramadan

Glorified and Exalted is Allaah Who has spared our lives till this moment witnessing the mid of shaaban. There's no doubt Ramadan is fast knocking on our doors, thus we beseech Allah to preserve us in faith and health till then. Indeed we are well aquinted with Ramadan - its blessings, virtues and opportunities. Hence, the need for us to make preparations to be among those who will make the best of it.

1. Set out with a good intention: The intention is the most important aspect of any act of worship. Ensure you're fasting solely for the sake of Allah. To seek His pleasure, earn His mercy and lofty stations in jannah. Make up your mind this will be your best Ramadan ever and give it all it takes.

2. Repay your missed fast: Make sure you don't have "carry over" from the last Ramadan. If you do, then try to pay up within the few days left.

3. Go for a medical check up: Be sure you're medically fit to embark on the feat. Ramadan is a blissful month and you will not want to miss Out on the rewards. Treat your ailment as you ask Allah for strength and wellness.

4. Make plans and preparations: sometimes, people think preparing for Ramadan is about stocking home with groceries. Alas! No doubt its good, but the best of preparation is at-Taqwah - piety. Build your schedules around solat, stop the unlawful gaze, falsehood in speech and other vices.

5. Make companionship with the Quran: It is when Ramadan sets in that some people dust the Qur'an, which is not ideal. “Angel Jibreel used to meet the prophet (peace be upon him) EVERY NIGHT IN RAMADAN to study the Holy Quran carefully together” [Bukhari]. Now is the time to engage more with the Qur'an and take advantage of the huge reward.

6. Get used to rising for Qiyamu Layl: It is the time to stand longer at night with heads humbled on the floor. This will help in completing the tarawih with Imam at the masjid and enable you do more in the corners of your room.
7. Discipline yourself: Start practicing abstinence from things that will nullify your fast. Prepare yourself to do more good and endeavour to learn more and implement.

May Allah make this our best Ramadan ever. Ameen!