Someday in life as a kid or adult we might have got this crazy thought to be invisible.But logically we could never become invisible.As a kid some Bollywood movies like Mr.India might have fascinated us to become invisible.But we could actually become invisible.Shocked right?

So let’s come to the interesting fact of life.I would share real life example of a mother who takes care of her child right from the birth and is always concerned about minute likes and dislike.One day she went to drop her daughter to school and there teacher asked who was with you and the daughter replied no one.Later the lady went back home and was getting ready to attend a social function while her husband was busy talking to a client.Lady got ready and they just sat in the car and went off. So here I felt that lady was invisible although being virtually present. Daughter was not bothered to speak about her mother and husband was not bothered to turn and look around to see his wife.At that moment it made lady feel as if she was invisible even being virtually present.Aren’t we having different identity when there is no one to look around us.So what is our identity when no one is watching us?

One fine day I saw an 86 years old man reading Vedic maths and trying to solve puzzles and learning new methods to solve puzzles quickly, I asked him why are you still learning ,no one is going to give you good marks now and no kid has time to learn Vedic maths from you.That day I got beautiful answer from him that “I am not learning to show anyone ,I am just learning because I was teacher and I have always told my kids to keep learning in life and that’s what I am following and if anyone sees or not God is always looking at me.”There are many places built so beautifully with marvellous architecture but we still don’t know who has built it.There are many cathedrals and temples around the globe built where we could not find at single place name carved of a person who has built it.It might have taken 100 years that is almost a life of single person to build such a beautiful place knowing the fact that you would not get any credit or appreciation for it.But these people still spent time and unnoticed efforts it.For what ?

So there I was left with such a beautiful thought that we believe or not, God is always with us witnessing our smiles during joy ,pain during misery ,when lost during struggle phase and each and every second.He is never blind to your tears,never deaf to your prayers and never silent to your pains. So to conclude “We are never invisible to God,keep doing good,for all you do is seen,trusted and rewarded by God”.

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