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Image by freeillustrated from Pixabay

Sad April rain floods our street, storm-grey rivers absorb in silence
The soft pitter-patter of the drops, and the delicate sounds
Of the black, wondrous creature that steps lightly her paws
On the brick-paved path — sylphlike, her soulful eyes
Reflect the lightning, silver strikes her emerald windows
To a soul most mysterious, a soul I will never forget.

The way she walks, a signature, tracing what she won’t forget, when her most honest, treasured thoughts drowned in silence, and their ghosts, cursed to haunt forever, fly through windows, through the bodies of all those who try to own her…

New and Improved

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Image by Kaori Nagata (Website, Instagram)

Welcome to Lit Up — The Land of Little Tales!

Here you can read and submit short stories, flash fiction, poetry — in brief, your own legend.

We have a passion for untold stories, and we are always happy to welcome new writers. These are the submission guidelines.

First, a few words about Lit Up’s content:

What do we publish?

Lit Up’s primary focus is that of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction structured in the format of storytelling. We have regular writing-related articles by our editorial staff and by select invitation of other writers. The publication is not accepting nonfiction personal articles and opinion pieces at this time.

As the ‘Land of…

A Travel Diary

France: Annecy

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Copyright © 2020 Diamaya Dawn

Once upon a lifetime (or what feels like a lifetime) ago, I decided to make a huge change in my life. Having spent years and years trying to get into a certain University in London to study Interior Architecture only to realise that the job itself did not satisfy me, and just before the edge of depression caused by disappointment and uncertainty hit me, life brought the magical Annecy in my list of options.

I won’t bore you with all the little details, but Annecy was the stepping stone for me, for all the beautiful things that come later in…

New Beginnings

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Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay



If anything, many wander to find themselves, I would add.

Though summer isn’t over, and there’s plenty of time for me to wander, I realized that no matter what happens in my life, writing is something I want to keep as a priority. I have indeed been away for quite sometime now, and while short breaks are understandable when going through major life changes, long breaks are inexcusable.

I thought and thought of subjects that could trigger my muse and finally decided to let inspiration flow back into me through…

When It All Makes Sense

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Image by Olga Ozik from Pixabay

She sat at the edge of a giant, weathered rock. Her feet hung, barely touching the salty water when the currents brought it her way.

She’d often been there. Some said, she’d always been there, on that rock, watching the waves as if she were expecting some miracle to happen. In reality, she sat there and thought of nothing.

There had been days when the sun got so hot, anyone else would have left to find shelter in the shadow of the trees. Yet, she sat there, and when droplets from her sweating forehead drew her out of her peace…


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Image by Ahmed Almabdi from Pixabay

Seasons traced on footprints of springs and summers and still,
white winters, autumns fall like the leaves of brown, bare trees.
The hands of time, cruel when I dare to look back, they cage
my feet, they keep me rooted in tomorrows that will never come,
They shut my mouth when all I want is to breathe, to laugh,
To shout, look! a caterpillar, a chrysalis — it’s a butterfly!

Like everything, it dies. Look, you appear in spring like the butterfly — Oh, look, you disappear like it, it gets hard to breathe. Time stands still. Did you feel…

Poetry Talks #2

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Image by Lolame from Pixabay

A syllable is a segment of language that consists of a vowel that is pronounced and, sometimes, the consonants immediately preceding or following. A word can be a single syllable or it can be consisting of more syllables.


Red: One syllable that consists of the pronounced vowel <e>, the precedent consonant <r>, and the following consonant <d>. Red is a monosyllabic word because the word itself consists of only one syllable.

Story: Sto-ry Two syllables: “Sto-” one syllable consisting of one pronounced vowel (<o>) and its two preceding consonants(<s>, <t>). “-ry” one syllable consisting of one pronounced vowel (<y>)…

Free Verse

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Image by lisa runnels from Pixabay

I feel so much anger — So much anger, I say — For you speak about freedom, You speak about accessible knowledge — How blessed we are — How blessed we are! You say, To have internet these days — How blessed we are to get to know… Everything — Everything! you say. And yet, Your disapproving lips tightened when You saw a woman being human Human! When You saw her without her customary dress, No make-up or made-up smiles — How disgusting — Exclamation! — Disgusting! You say. The little girl runs with the boys, plays on the floor…

DiAmaya Dawn

Reader, writer, editor, poet, dancer, music addict. Japanophile, pluviophile and attracted by darkness. Part normal, part Greek.

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