Statement necklaces have been trending heavily in the modern world for quite some time now. They are bold, classy and fabulous. They come in many shapes and sizes which is an added bonus. What makes them more appealing is that they are easily available and at an affordable price. From celebrities to laymen, everybody is going gaga over them. They are popular for the fact that they can make a fashion statement all on their own as well as when they get paired with the right outfit. But usually, we tend to overdo it so much that the fashion police had to be alerted. They say that the right necklace can finish your outfit, but the wrong one can make you look ostentatious. Thereby, it all comes down to choosing the right one that goes well with your outfit.

Here are some useful tips that will definitely help you in choosing statement necklaces:

When you want the fun look or the summer look: The colours of your necklace need to synchronize with those of the outfit. This is one area that people overlook. You need to wear outfits that highlight the necklace or at least enhance it. If the outfit is of a simple design and colour, wear a necklace that features an array of colours. It can be a long necklace or a large-beaded one. This look is perfect for summer and outdoor parties, vacations and outings where a ‘fun’ look is required. So basically what you need to understand is: The colour of your necklace should contrast the colour of your outfit.

When you want to go bold: If you are going for a bold look, try to wear an outfit with a bold pattern and pair it with a bold necklace. This is tricky because this combination can also result in a dreadful, flamboyant look which is not desired. Hence, let the necklace be of a solid colour if there are patterns on your outfit. Gem necklaces can be your pick. You can wear a zebra patterned dress with a ruby red necklace or a leopard printed blouse with a pale-blue necklace.

When you want simple but elegant: The most common way of showcasing your necklace is to wear a simple outfit paired with sparkling gem necklaces. You can wear a casual shirt and jeans with a sparkly necklace that makes you stand out. This is when you aren’t clear about whether to dress up or down for an outing. This look paves the way for a simple look having class.

When you want the professional look: To pull off a professional and elegant look, all you need to do is match the colour of your outfit with the colour of your necklace. This entices attention on the outfit and makes the necklace look as if it is enhancing the outfit. This pairing is sure to give vibes of smartness and elegance. The entire outfit need not be of the same colour. For instance, you are wearing a peach-plum dress with turquoise blue embroidery. Here, you can wear a turquoise blue necklace.

When you want to go neon: Neon necklaces go well with blunt coloured blouses, shirts and dresses for it is the neon colour that you want to stand out. Try a simple grey blouse with any sized neon coloured necklace to pull off the neon look. If the outfit is neon, go for a large monotonous necklace of black or amethyst.

So overall, just remember that when it comes to statement necklaces, it is always about the colour coordination with respect to the look you are trying to pull off. To get more visit this link @

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