A New Plan Calls for Safe Zones in Syria — Backed by the U.S. Military
War Is Boring

When Obama asked the representatives of the America people for permission to attack Syria all those years ago, the people (including myself) gave a clear and resounding NO! And yet the war mongers are still desperately trying to undermine the will of the American people by starting a war (an establishing a no fly zone over another nation is an act of war). Amazingly, after more than 5 years of calling for the overthrow of the Syrian government, I have not seen even one war hawk answer this basic question (one of many): seeing as how the “moderate rebels” have ethnically cleansed every single Alawite village that they’ve captured, how will we keep these “moderate Jihadists” from committing the ethnic cleansing of Alawites that they’ve consistently been calling for for all these years?

That no one has even tried answering this basic question shows that our government does not have any plan for a post Assad Syria (just as we had no plan for Iraq, Libya, etc.)

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