No, No, No!

Week 7-This Week in Review

My calendar is filled. My email is overflowing. I am always tired. I am always on the move and running out of energy! Why is that? Because I can’t say No!!!

Overachievers love to do project after project. When volunteers are needed at work, they are quick to answer the call. When friends have requests, they volunteer right away. Why do we do it?

We are driven by our desire to want to accomplish things that we have a passion for. We have many different interests and we want to participate in all of them. The problem is when we get overloaded and we want to scream if someone invades our time!

The trick is to know your limits and how many projects that you can take on. We have to learn to prioritize the projects that bring the greatest value. The other projects we need to decline and learn not to feel bad about it. The other projects we need to delegate!

Delegate, delegate, delegate!