That was cosmic!

Week 29-This Week in Review

It has been almost a week since the viewing of the Total Solar Eclipse and it was just cosmic! People took off work to see it. Some people traveled to other locations and some watched it in their own backyards. We chose to watch it in Kentucky on our way back from vacation from Florida.

We stopped at the Land Between the Lakes in the central region between Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. We found a spot amid cars and campers. It was majestic watching the moon cover the sun and the atmosphere turn to dusk. The humidity and the temperature dropped and it became pleasant enough to be outside. It was an unique feeling of dusk in the middle of the day.

So why was it so remarkable? Besides being cosmic, the following quote from another follower says it all. Instead of listening to all the hate in the news, the nation looked up at the sky in amazement and forgot about the hate. I believe, as a nation, we need more events like the total solar eclipse to take us away from the hate!!! Don’t you agree?

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