Where have I been?

The last time that I wrote a blog was 6 months ago and I have missed blogging!!!! But where have I been and why haven’t I blogged? Sometimes we, especially as women, spread ourselves too thin and get away from what we truly love. Here is what I have been up to:

Decor Team
I joined the Decor Team at my church that sets up decor for upcoming series, holiday themes, and women’s and men’s events. The largest decor that was set up was for a series entitled The Greatest Show. Although I throughly enjoyed participating and serving on the Decor Team, it was time-intensive. I met some great people and was introduced to other servers at 3 of the 4 campuses.
Relay For Life
Just about the time the spring ended, my involvement for the Relay For Life picked up. For those that do not know what Relay for Life is, it is an event that supports the American Cancer Society goal of raising money for cancer research to end all types of cancer. This is the second year I have volunteered managing their social media ( Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). While my part in volunteering was throughout the planning process of 9 months, my participation picked up in the early summer. While I did enjoy posting to the social media accounts, I definitely didn’t have the energy to keep up with my own social media accounts!!!
Painting Villa
Also during the spring, I finalized my color choices for painting the inside of the villa. I have been looking at colors off and on for probably the last four years. It was a daunting task to pick colors for the inside of the villa that you will continue to like long after the paintbrush is put down. After 2 weeks of our painter working on the villa, the entire inside was painted !!!
Time with Granddaughters
This summer I was blessed to be able to spend one full week with my two beautiful granddaughters. My oldest granddaughter and I share a love of Science so I signed her up for science camp. During the camp time, I got to spend time with my youngest granddaughter discovering wonders of science in the preschool area. In addition to the science camp, we had a blast going swimming and bowling!! The great thing about spending the week with them, they still talk about going to the science center!!!
During the spring and summer, I took a vacation to Waco, Texas and Panama City Beach, Florida🏖. In the spring, myself and my daughter went to Waco, Texas to visit Magnolia. After being a fan of the Fixer Upper Show, it was a blast seeing the Magnolia enterprise and the empire that the Gaines have amassed. At the beginning of the year, I started planning for our first extended family vacation (grandparents, children, and grandchildren). After managing 4 work schedules and a school schedule, securing a condo, plane tickets and a photographer (family photos on the beach), we had a blast on the family vacation making memories for everyone in the family!

So after 6 months of extracurricular activities and spreading myself too thin, I am back to one of my passions-blogging! Looking forward to blogging more!! What are you passions? Jot down a comment and let me know!!