Advantages of Vacuum Metalizing

Metalizing is the process of heating a coating metal to boiling point then allowing condensation to take place on the surface of the metal to be coated. Vacuum metalizing involves heating a metal especially aluminum until it evaporates in the vacuum and then condensation takes place on a metal surface to be coated with a uniform layer. These industrial processes require a lot of specialization and capital since the machines used are very complicated. Metalization is a modern industrial activity to decorate, protect or give functional importance to other metal. The following are advantages of vacuum metalizing.

The first advantage is that it gives products good appearances and polish. Metal surfaces which have been coated with other metals using vacuum metalizing look attractive and fine in texture. This industrial process makes less attractive metals to look attractive hence improving their usage. Vacuum metalizing also do not have health threats.

The second advantage of vacuum metalizing is to reduce corrosion and rusting. Coating metals that rust with those which do not rust by vacuum metalizing will reduce or eliminate rusting and corrosion. This in turn will increase the durability of this metals because they do not break easily. For example, coating steel with aluminium will eliminate rusting since aluminium does not rust, click here!

The third advantage of the metalizing coating is that it makes less strong metals stronger. Coating weak metals like aluminium with stronger metals like diamond make them strong. Equipment like drills are also coated with diamond using vacuum metallization process so as they are able to drill other metal surfaces. The size of the coating layer may also be varied so as to achieve the required strength and preventing misuse. For more facts about metallizing, visit this website at

The fourth advantage of vacuum metalizing is there is no size limitation of the surface to be coated. Any size of a metallic surface can be coated comfortably with another vaporized metal using vacuum metalizing. Some coating methods have size limits therefore not always applicable. Vacuum metalizing can also be used with every metal although different metals have different boiling points because it is more effective.

The fifth advantage of vacuum metalizing is that it has no health threats. Vacuum metalizing is environment-friendly and pose has no health hazards to people working in the industries and is environmentally friendly. Vacuum metalizing process also produces no harmful fumes or chemicals like any other metal coating processes.

The above well explained points are the importance of Mueller Corporation vacuum metalizing.

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