Who said nothing’s changed?

What has changed with Malcolm Turnbull​ in just two weeks?

1. Domestic violence is getting real focus and money. As Turnbull said “Real men don’t hit women”. Now we just need to embed this change in our culture.

2. Bureau of Meteorology is no longer under attack. Just because an ex-PM doesn’t like the fact that climate is changing and we need to act is no reason to attack the messenger.

3. Solar and Wind Renewable energy is back for support. Why on earth wouldn’t we make use of the sun and wind, unless of course you were protecting something else.

4. Climate change is open for discussion (not longer on the banned list). It is obvious that people feel free to talk about climate change and what we must do. The silent treatment has gone.

5. Innovation is needed in this country. We need to find a new paradigm for Australia to thrive. Let’s support the Australian innovation and initiative to build our country for the future. We have proven our strength previously.

6. Let’s talk STEMM! We have dropped the ball on Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine. These areas can provide opportunities for Australia to become a leader again. We need to capitalise on our innovations not pass patents to other countries at negligible cost.

7. Public transport gets more focus (instead of solely roads). Our new PM is talking and using public transport. It is what we need to make our cities livable.

8. Tax changes are up for discussion (instead of options off the table). We need to make changes to our tax system but when you take most of the options off the table it makes it hard to find a proposition. Looks like all the options are back.

9. University fee proposal is under review. Australia is a leader in education and we cannot afford for unlimited fees to reduce the opportunities for our best and brightest.

10. TAFE will get more focus. We need to ensure that we balance post school education between trades and university. We need both.

Optimism, innovation and initiative….funny that Abbott can’t see the changes.

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