How to Create a Blog Post Title that Gets Attention [101 Ideas]

Diana Urban
Jul 23, 2018 · 4 min read
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Brainstorming new blog post ideas is easier than you think it is. The problem is that most bloggers are so focused on creating an awesome blog post title, that they can’t think of a topic they actually want to write about. And staring at a blank screen is the hardest part of getting started.

Don’t get me wrong, creating an enticing post title is extremely important. In fact, it’s the most important part of any blog post, because without it, nobody will click the link in Google or on social media sites, it won’t get shared, and you won’t get traffic.

So let me make it easier for you. Here are 101 fill-in-the-blank blog post title ideas. So all you have to do is insert a keyword or topic that you want to write about into ANY of these blog post ideas, and then write away! It’s like mad-libs for blogging.

How To Headlines — Create a tutorial for anything

1. How to [KEYWORD]

2. How to [KEYWORD #1] and [KEYWORD #2]

3. How to [KEYWORD] in [YEAR]

4. How to be [GOAL QUALITY]

5. How to Use [KEYWORD] to [GOAL QUALITY]


7. How to [DO SOMETHING] in [#] Simple Steps

8. How to [DO SOMETHING] in [#] Minutes Flat

9. How to [KEYWORD] — The Ultimate Guide


11. How to Be the Best [RELEVANT JOB TITLE] in [YOUR INDUSTRY]

12. How to Improve [KEYWORD] [#]% in Just [TIME RANGE]

13. How to [DO SOMETHING] Your [TARGET AUDIENCE] Will Love

14. How to Know When to [DO SOMETHING]

15. How to Identify [KEYWORD] That [PROBLEM/OBSTACLE]

16. How to Pick the Perfect [KEYWORD]

List Headlines — Readers love reading short snippets of advice (switch 10 with any number)

17. 10 Ways to [DO SOMETHING]

18. 10 Surprising Reasons Why [KEYWORD]

19. 10 Steps to [KEYWORD]

20. 10 Top Ways to [KEYWORD]

21. 10 Secrets for [KEYWORD] You Need to Know

22. 10 Best Resources for Learning [KEYWORD]

23. The 10 Laws of [KEYWORD]

24. 10 Ways to Improve [KEYWORD]

25. 10 Tips for [KEYWORD]

26. 10 [KEYWORD] You Don’t Want to Miss

27. 10 [KEYWORD] You Didn’t Know Before

28. 10 [KEYWORD] Tactics To Try

29. 10 Tricks for Mastering [KEYWORD]

30. 10 Best Strategies for [KEYWORD]

31. 10 Best-Kept Secrets to [KEYWORD]

32. 10 Useful Tools for [KEYWORD]

33. 10 Great Examples of [KEYWORD]

34. 10 Times You Should [DO SOMETHING]

35. 10 Steps To Take to [DO SOMETHING]

36. 10 Inspiring Ways to [DO SOMETHING]

37. 10 Quick Tips to [DO SOMETHING]

38. 10 Best [KEYWORD] You’ve Ever Seen

Negative Spin — What are people doing wrong?

39. 10 Worst Ways to [DO SOMETHING]

40. 10 Worst [KEYWORD] for [TARGET AUDIENCE]

41. Do You Make These 10 [KEYWORD] Mistakes?

42. 10 [KEYWORD] Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

43. 10 Big [KEYWORD] Mistakes To Stop Making NOW

44. 10 [KEYWORD] To Avoid


46. 10 Ways to [KEYWORD] That Make You Look Foolish

47. Why [KEYWORD] Isn’t Working

48. 10 Biggest Myths about [KEYWORD]

49. 10 Signs [KEYWORD] Isn’t Working

50. 10 Epic [KEYWORD] Fails

51. The Worst Advice You Could Get About [KEYWORD]

Play on Fear — Save your readers from a sticky situation

52. WARNING: [KEYWORD] You Didn’t Know

53. The Shocking Truth About [KEYWORD]


55. The Biggest [KEYWORD] Scams to Avoid

56. 10 Signs Your [KEYWORD] is Failing

57. 10 Biggest Lies About [KEYWORD]

58. Are You Spending Too Much on [KEYWORD]?

59. Are You Wasting Your Time on [KEYWORD}?

60. Ultimate Fail: [KEYWORD]

61. BEWARE: [KEYWORD] You Need To Know

Make Things Easier — Ease the burden on your readers

62. How to Get Rid of [KEYWORD]

63. How to Save Time [KEYWORD]

64. How to Save Money on [KEYWORD]

65. 10 Cheapest Ways to [KEYWORD]

66. 10 Shortcuts to [KEYWORD]

67. How to Take Charge of [PROBLEM/OBSTACLE]

68. How to [DO SOMETHING] In Less Time

69. How [KEYWORD] Is Easier Than You Think

70. How to [KEYWORD] Faster Than Before



73. 10 Top Fixes for [PROBLEM/OBSTACLE]

74. Overwhelmed? 10 Easier Ways to [KEYWORD]

75. Are You Spending Too Much on [KEYWORD]?

76. How to Fix 10 [KEYWORD] Errors


78. Free [KEYWORD] To Get Now

79. 10 Ready-Made [KEYWORD]

Provide an Education — Be the ultimate resource

80. Your Cheat Sheet to [KEYWORD]

81. The Ultimate Guide to [KEYWORD]

82. The Beginner’s Guide to [KEYWORD]

83. The Guide to [DO SOMETHING] Like a Pro

84. Helpful Tips for [KEYWORD]

85. Lessons From a [YOUR INDUSTRY] Expert on [KEYWORD]

86. Best Tips and Tricks for [KEYWORD]

87. [KEYWORD] — The Ultimate Resource

88. The [TARGET AUDIENCE]’s Guide to [KEYWORD]

89. [KEYWORD]: A Cheat Sheet for [TARGET AUDIENCE]

90. 10 Innovative Ways to [DO SOMETHING]

Provide Perspective — Be your own devil’s advocate

91. The Do’s and Don’t of [KEYWORD]

92. The Pros and Cons of [KEYWORD]

93. [KEYWORD #1] vs. [KEYWORD #2]: A Complete Comparison

94. Our Top Predictions for [KEYWORD]

Ask Questions — Make your readers ponder something

95. Is it Time For a [KEYWORD] Overhaul?

96. Are You Struggling to [DO SOMETHING]?

97. Is [KEYWORD] More Difficult Than You Thought?

98. Did You Know [BLANK]?

99. What Are The Best [KEYWORD] of All Time?

100. Are You Successfully [KEYWORD]?

101. Is [KEYWORD] Dead?

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