Grad School search for the vague and confused
Mafê Villas Boas

I totally feel for you — hard to choose. Why don’t you take a year off and come study in Europe? Tuition fees and living expenses for one year (especially on the Continent) would still be dwarfed by the US tuition fees.

As for discipline focus… well the buzz work still is inter and multidisciplinarity. I see two options here:

  1. take something completely new that rather than sitting at the intersection of these areas you are talking about, sits outside, yet in close proximity to all. Politics or policy studies is one area that is being transformed by new technologies, underpinned by individual and collective behaviour, and shaped drastically business models (haha.. it’s not just professional hazard that I am recommending this… it is actually turning to be one of the most exciting areas of study). Of course, there will be other similar areas: Product / Service design — here you might find the arty niche that you are looking for
  2. get in a theoretical niche at the intersection of these: gender studies, cultural studies, anthropology, strategic studies (business or security or politics)

I think that most universities offer a wide range of courses in their postgraduate programmes, and you could step out of the one discipline and explore different intersections.


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