The day I started using Facebook Messenger as a sales channel
Kristoffer Hartwig

Great article! I stumbled upon your story whilst searching for an “optimised” approach to engage with SMEs (restaurants). What sort of strategy have you followed when reaching out to them? You mentioned the aspect of not-for-profit which I believe it’s a great idea (as long as the person at the other side of the desk does care about it).

  • How did you approach the restaurant owners? Through their business FB page or did you “stalk” their personal accounts and sent them a private message?
  • I am about to ask them a bunch of questions, their answers are vital for this project. How did you manage to get them share their views without sounding too intrusive or like you’re running a survey ?
  • Any follow up after that chat? Did you ask them for 1–2–1 meeting? How did it go?

Sorry for asking so many specific questions, but you’re the best person to ask for a piece of advice at this moment.

Thanks, Kristoffer

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