Why the GOP and the Bernie Left Don’t Care About “the Russia Story”
Sasha Stone

I don’t care to be described and defined by other people. I voted for Sanders in my state’s primary, and voted for Clinton in the general election, because Donald Trump is a despicable human being. I don’t need anyone to tell me “why” I became a Sanders supporter — NONE of you or the author of this piece know why I supported him, and I don’t have to tell you. I believe that there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. It is a flat out lie to claim that Sanders supporters do not believe Russiagate happened. SOME might not believe it. I certainly believe it — it’s rather obvious. Sanders supporters who put the screws to this country by voting for Trump need to be flogged. I am a Sanders supporter who voted Democrat in November, because there was no alternative — Trump is a POS. I believe that Wasserman-Schultz was, for YEARS, not a good DNC leader, because I find her completely oblivious to rural povery and poor education in impoverished regions of the country (two social issues which are my work focus). It’s okay for me, a Democrat, to NOT LIKE ANOTHER DEMOCRAT AND THUS NOT VOTE FOR THAT DEMOCRAT. This trend of now blaming Bernie supporters for Trump’s victory is pure rubbish. None of us are identical in our thoughts and motives. DEMORATS UNITED IN THEIR VOTES for November and by nearly 3 million votes at that. The EC system put the screws to us more than anything else. Shall we blame 80,000 or so people in Wisconsin or Michigan for all of Trump’s horrific actions and stupidity while President? I also always felt that not much could be accomplished with another Clinton in The White House. I’m allowed to disagree with the Party, and I’m allowed to defend myself when a lot of you trash my motives for not worshipping Hillary Clinton. Her campaign was NOT a success, and for many, many reasons, all of which Hillary needs to accept as her fault as the leader of that campaign. Go find someone else to blame for Trump being president and destroying this country bit by bit.

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