What Can Happen to the Place You Call Home in a Detroit Century
Miranda Steinhauser

I so enjoyed reading this. My grandfather bought 18270 Wildemere in 1930. My parents moved into the home in 1935 after my grandfather passed away to help my grandmother. In 1936, my mother was pregnant with my sister and my father had broken his leg and was unable to drive. When my mother went into labor, dad called Dr. Seeley and the good doctor drove down the street to take them both to the hospital. My sister was almost born in the elevator at Harper Hospital so Dr. Seeley was holding her head while getting my mom to the birthing room. I’m the last of five children and Dr. Seeley birthed all of us as he was my mom’s OBGYN. I’m very happy to see many of the homes in the University District being refurbished and saved for more generations to enjoy. My family have wonderful memories of Wildemere.