Random 26/11/14

I wonder how many people read this random collection of thoughts of bad spelling and grammar.
If you do read this random thoughts of mine, then I want to say hi. Hows you? You OK? You have great hair today.
If you don’t read this, why not? I’m nice, handsome and really modest. The way I look at it that the more people that spend a couple of minutes reading what I have written then I will continue to write random thoughts etc. But if no one reads should I continue?
Yes. Is the answer I hear none of you shouting at your laptop/phone/tablet/pigeon.
I like to write. I love to write random stuff like what I’m writing right not. (Too many rights and writes in that sentence) You should just do things you love because you love them. Unless you love killing people. Maybe you should stop doing that. Just an idea.
I just wish I could take some of my own advise and make sure that I do things that I love. I love going out the house. But I don’t. I’m too tired from working all the time and I can’t afford to do some of the things that I would love to be doing.
I’m still in my prime but I feel so much older than that. I think that it has taken me a couple of years extra to know what I want to do with my life. If I could go back into time I would try harder, learn new things quicker and become the most amazing person in the world ever. Instead of writing some piss poor jokes on twitter for no money. But is that what Twitter is for? Making money?
I like to think of myself at being pretty good at keeping up with all the new things in the world but I think I missed when You Tube started paying for people to make content. I also think that I missed out on Twitter when all the big stars got their big break who now work on big shows.
Do I care? A little bit. Its a great hobby to have and I’m not saying that I would be great or amazing at writing things to go on TV but I know I would be better than someone of them. And that’s the good thing about having the internet. I can tell other people about what I think. Not what you think.
I could not really care less. And that’s what makes everyone the same.
Would I read this?

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