The first yes and….

Yes and today marks the one year and one day anniversary of me getting on a “stage” to perform my first improv scene for about 15 years.

The last time I had done this was way back when at school when I did drama for my GCSE’s (B grade I thank you)

Before I turned up at the venue I was scared, nervous and chain smoking like a champ.

What if I was bad at this?, what if I had nothing to say?, what would happen if I just stay in the corner of the room and keep saying the words “red rum” to myself for the next couple of hours.

None of this happened. I was welcomed into the room by someone who happened to be jump across the room like Tigger in the evergreen forest.

“Hi I’m Zoe, what’s your name?” She said with a big smile

“Dick*” I replied trying to see how she got across the room so quickly

“You here for the improv?” She said trying to find out what my attentions are for waking into this old strip joint**

“That I am” I said trying to remember if I had been to this strip joint before***

Before I knew I was talking to people that I had just met and I was acting with them. Playing games and having a great time.

Improv for me changed the way that I have been over the last couple of years. I would spend hours writing things down on Twitter and trying you get made stars and trop

As I sit here writing this I have just completed a show with people that I know are friends. Funny, twisted and borderline mental friends who have issues of there own but at the age of 33 I know I can do this forever.

*not my real name

**true story


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