Top 10 CRM Tools for SMEs

What are the best types of CRM software designed for small to medium enterprises? Here is a review current customer management system with the best CRM software and wants to screen and narrow his options.


InfusionSoft is designed exclusively to service small businesses, fitted with features that allow you to generate leads by attracting and capturing website visitors. Other CRM functionalities enable you to streamline your sales and encourage customer repetition and increase customer loyalty. However, its strongest selling point is its email marketing system, rather than its CRM features.


A cloud hosted CRM program with a mobile app, Prophet makes things very convenient for you when it comes to managing your customer relations. What makes Prophet stand out from other web based and online CRM software is that the program can function inside your email program. That means you do not need to toggle between your email account and your CRM software because everything is all organized in your Outlook.


CampaignerCRM is a solid package filled with features and functions designed for small enterprises. Aside from its customer management tools, CampaignerCRM also comes with social functionalities that allow users to engage customers in social networking platforms such as FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. As many users agree, CampaignerCRM delivers optimum performance and gives you things that you want or need from a CRM software.


A basic package that gives you the features you need, ContactPlus is not a standout performer compared to its contemporaries in the CRM software world. But if you are looking for something basic without the fuss, ContactPlus is definitely worth checking out. That said, it might take a while before users can navigate the system’s interface without any hint of confusion.

SalesOutlook CRM

If you are looking for a comprehensive, web based CRM package, then SalesOutlook CRM is a must have. It is a CRM software solution and an email marketing system fused into one and built to work well with Microsoft Outlook. That means there is no need for a dedicated MS-SQL server database.


Built for first time users and those who enjoy simplicity and ease of use, Zoho is a very capable CRM software. This cloud based CRM solution boasts of easy-to-use user interface and is loaded with features and functions that you would need from a CRM software. The only downside to this product is that premium features are only available as upgrades, which means you have to shell out money to really maximize the potential of this CRM product.

NetSuite CRM+

Designed for small and medium sized businesses, many users declare that NetSuite CRM+ is the complete package. Boasting of useful features such as sales force automation, eCommerce, customer data management, partner relationship management, and marketing analytics, it is no wonder why many business owners and entrepreneurs trust Netsuite CRM+ for their customer management needs.


Very easy to use and has got tons of tools for customer management, marketing, sales, and employee tracking, OnContact is a big contender among CRM software products. Plus, OnContact has a topnotch customer support if ever you need help with the system. Its big downer is its small data storage. Paying extra for more space is your only solution to address this issue.

A CRM software that focuses on sales and support, SalesForce flaunts a broad set of CRM tools that enable you to boost several customer management-related aspects of your business, such as sales management, marketing automation, partner relationship management and customer service among others. These features work well to give you a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to customer management.

Many call as the ultimate CRM software for small to medium-sized business organizations. Customizable, easy to use, and has tons of CRM tools designed to make customer management a tad easier, comes highly recommended for those who are planning to use CRM software for the first time. It is quite easy to make a list of Top 10 CRM Software For Small Business Owners. That said, I would recommend scouring the internet for comparison articles and product reviews to ensure that you got all bases covered and eventually help you make a good decision for your business.

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