My setup

In this article I’ll try to keep up to date my choices for the best programming (and more) environment on 🌎.

The languages I like to use everyday are: OCaml (mainly Reason), Rust, Javascript (Node.js, React), HTML, CSS …


There is only one chair, the Herman Miller Aeron. I used to sit on it in front of different 🍏 devices with two UHD monitors.


For that part I chose the best designed for me: Fish, OOTB it will already start to change your life with its web like autocompletion. I finally opted for OhMyFish. The first plugin to install is z, with that plugin, navigation become magic and you won’t write a path anymore in your terminal. And if you use Github a lot don’t forget to install hub !

As you can see in the screenshot below I’m using it with the default MacOS terminal, I tried every emulators available and it remains the fastest for me: a guy who like distraction free environment.


Node is the foundation of almost everything I’ve coded for a long time. Server side and front-end applications in Javascript and/or Reason. NVM (Node Version Manager) is the best tool to get Node.js up and running with the version you want in seconds: Node.js 8 (LTS) for production ready applications ? testing Node.js 10 new APIs ? just ask it !

For dependency manager I chose yarn rather than npm the day it has been released, why ? fast downloads, good caching and a lockfile system to avoid the “it’s working on my computer” …


One big thing to improve code readability and so your productivity is font ligature, one of the best font including it is Fira Code and you can enable its magic in almost any code editor.

The editor

We’re entering in the most sensible part. Last year for example I used Sublime, Oni, Atom, and VS Code … but mainly Atom. It took time before I switch to the most trending one because of its huge lacks: multi language template string support for example.

I switched to rainglow for the theme, it bring me a lot of cool theme and I like to change very often 😅

This is the list of extensions currently enabled on my computer: Rust, ESlint, Prettier, stylelint, OCaml and Reason IDE, GitLens …


I was using Sketch since its first version and it was the main reason I run fruit flavoured computers. But I recently fall in ❤️ with Figma and I’m more and more impressed every day by the product and the team behind it.

FYI you can run every features in your browser


I used to plan everything with Trello but I’m back to basics with todo lists and it works very well for me. No more steps just done or not done.


My headphone for every day is the AIAIAI TMA 2, with the following configuration 😻

Don’t forget to have fun !

Believe me or not, it’s good to do something else than coding sometimes... like beating it !

Maschine MKIII

Don’t hesitate to ask what I’m using for anything on twitter ;)