So What If It Is Hard??

It is close to a month if not more since my last blog!!

You see, I had such grand plans, post a blog every week if not two. Just so that I could get good at this blogging experience. Hahaha, oh how the mighty have fallen! I am still laughing like I was told. My mom is a very wise woman and I wholeheartedly believe that had it not been for her advice to laugh at oneself I would be completely wound up inside. So thanks mom for that pearl of wisdom.

I grew up recently… and boy was it hard.

Was I prepared for this hardship? Are we ever? Personally I can definetely say that I was ready but my mind was on a sunny island basking in the golden rays and sipping on sweet nectar. So when it eventually returned all suntanned and half tipsy from the holiday juice it was in for a rude awakening. I am completely guilty of thinking that my life will play like a movie. Always choosing the glass half full as opposed to the Eeyore experience. Afterall is it not much better to prepare for the worst than to hope for the best? I have been told on many an occasion that I am not living in the real world just because I choose to be an eternal optimist. So here I sit all grown up and the grown up world is showing me that it may not always be kind. I am left with two options, do I give in and become a hotter version of Eeyore or do I insist on being that annoying eternal optimist? Life has happened and life continues to move on whether or not I choose to partake in it or hide in a cloud of misery.

So again I ask, so what if it is hard??

Some of the best decisions in my life were born from hardships. Marriage and childbirth to name a few. The months leading to my wedding were not easy and I had to make lots of hard and sometimes heartbreaking decisions to make sure that the foundation that my husband and I laid was solid and could keep us stable for a long time. The reason it was so hard was that I was preparing for marriage not just the wedding. Then there was childbirth *cues in a laugh or two*. I will save the details for another post. We can however say that it was not a romantic potrayal that I had expected from all my movie watching. So imagine my shock and horror when the realisation hit me that I would not just sneeze and a baby will pop out. hahaha!

I had a plan…

life continued,and totally rained on my plan. I am subsequently learning the dance of life, and still to perfect the dance moves. My dance of continued learning and changing is teaching me a lot. It may be hard but as it rains I am enjoying singing in the rain. Growing up is not easy but in the same breath, so what if it is hard??