Gray Area

Yesterday I had an HR interview in one of the biggest bank in the world. It was a very formal interview and the last question was

‘So tell me, what are your personal values?’

This wasn’t the top common questions for interview and it did caught me off guard a bit because I didn’t prepare the answer beforehand. But then I end up making things up about teamwork et cetera et cetera.

So then I went home. Put on my jamas, and went on Youtube to watch videos and ended up watching TED Talks. Lots of video from TED and TED Talks.

Then I stumbled upon one video about Psychopathy.

I don’t remember exactly who the speaker was but I think it was Jon Ronson and he said:

‘He’s a gray area in a world that doesn’t like gray areas’

It couldn’t struck me harder than it did. This is the value that I should always hold on in live. No truth is ever black or white. The gray areas are where you find the complexities.

Then I recall to my past experiences. Most of the time when I got wavered on my beliefs or values are because people (or even myself) started questioning: ‘Are you this way or that way? Pick a side.’

Life is not like a star wars movie. You’re not always entitled to choose between the dark side or the light side. Everything is on a spectrum and that is okay.

But most people don’t see it that way. Most of the time, If I try to choose both side, I’m a hypocrite. If I refuse to choose then I’m ignorant. The hypocrisy and the ignorance lies where we’re failing to dig deeper into the complexity. People will call people in gray areas all sorts of name but I believe people with the brightest and richest ideas are actually the ones in that gray area

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