Please Use Pen, Not Pencils

‘The beauty of being in your 20s’

That line sounds like a self-help book targeted for young adults. (and hey, it does remind me of a book called What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 which my friend let me borrow but I never return it back lol)

But yeah, no, it’s just something that crossed my mind. What came first to your mind when you hear that line? To me, it’s ‘Freedom’. Which is what I think most of young adults in their 20s are still (surprisingly) lacking.

I’m not talking about ‘freedom’ as in the right to vote, the right to drive, etc etc. Sure, we have plenty in that area. I’m talking about freedom that come from the inside. Freedom that you give to yourself. Freedom to make mistakes.

As I see young folks nowadays and I see two big fears that controls their lives: Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) and Fear Of Failure (I’m not gonna shorten this one).

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a quite a well known phenomena, commonly seen when you separate young people from their smartphones. They got agitated, worrying someone on their messaging app/social media might be waiting for them. FOMO can also be seen when you see young people refraining from ‘settling down’ with their current partners. Blurting out that they have ‘fear of commitment’ when actually they are just afraid that their current partners might not be ‘the one’ and there are someone out there much more suitable for them. Fear of missing something out is a common fear.

And this leads to the latter one, Fear Of Failure.

I’m a current job seeker. And so are several of my friends. In terms of job seeking, I do see a lot of Fear of Failure (Ok let’s just shorten this out for the sake of simplicity–FOF) there. A lot of people are afraid of failing to find a suitable career path for them. This might happen because they think there are other more suitable path. Low job satisfaction is one thing to be feared these days.

And this is a huge problem.

If you go to job/career seminar, most of the recruitment manager there would give you this simple advice: ‘Do not job-hop’

or to put it simply: stay on your lane, you made your decision so just be responsible and suck it up.

This advice is completely reasonable. It’s a great advice actually. But that lead me to this one simple conclusion: We’re living in a world where we are strongly advised against making any mistakes, even in your youth.

To me, that sounds like an fantasy. You’re expected to made the right choice right away, you are not allowed one mistake because it will ruin your whole life.

How are we supposed to live up to that?

I say, f*ck it.

This is the kind of mindset that makes it difficult for most of us to pick ourselves back after making mistakes. You screw up, okay then. That’s normal. That’s not the end of the world. You are engineered to make mistakes. Why do you think the word ‘sorry’ were invented for?

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