Work culture is broken.

It’s no real secret that our current work culture is broken, long crushing hours and an always-on mentality are just some but there are many other defining threats of most if not all industries this days.

This is a brief story about that…

Once upon a time in some far away corner of the Universe there was a planet upon which clever animals invented work.

Slowly, work lost its association with survival and self-preservation and became a painful and meaningless ritual.

Suddenly this curious invention consumed almost every part of the clever beast’s life.

Wonderful discoveries that might make its life easier like a device called e-mail were twisted into the opposite scattering threat and unhappiness everywhere.

Life support conditions in the planet became increasingly intolerable as the availability of actual work began to disappear.

Strangely this made the leaders celebrate it even more.

This situation was clearly out of hand, would the clever creatures ever rebel?

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