Giving a human touch to technology.

The role of UX design in keeping the internet human- centered

Diego Mendes
Mar 29, 2014 · 3 min read

The internet is incredible. It democratizes information, helps people connect with loved ones and allows for so much economic development. It is free! It allows you to find virtually anything you want as in a step of magic. I love it.

Most of all, I love the internet because it is unfinished. Everyday there are new web pages being created, new apps being launched, new interconnected devices being built, new opportunities for you and I to make something new and to make the web a better place.

There is this opportunity to help so many people by creating incredible products and experiences that delight others and make their lives better.

Now, I understand there is a dark side of the web. And that is precisely the reason I am writing this post. We need more and more good people to keep the web human-centered.

Working on the web requires an openness. Each designer, engineer or product leader that works on it influences it, shapes it, moves it forward. Regardless of the color of your skin, your religion, which country you are in, the web is an incredible human endeavor. We build it together.

It also requires sharp minds to look ahead, to build not only something good, but something remarkable that will somehow improve the world we live in.

That is where UX Design comes in.

UX design brings order and delight to the chaos that the web would be without it. It allows for us to experience the web in a way that we can relate to it. And most of all, it keeps the focus of everything we build on people.

Just imagine how much there is still to be done! There are billions of people who don’t have internet access right now, but will be getting access to the internet over the next decades. The internet of things is changing even more the way we relate to our world. Now we interact with the internet outside of screens. It interacts with our body and our world in a much deeper way. The internet may be getting more complex, but our experience of it does not have to be.

Giving a human touch to technology

Being a UX designer is helping give humanity to technology: adding personality, flow, a story, and helping us all relate to each other in such a powerful medium.

There is a role for you in UX design if you want to help the web remain human as we move forward. Regardless of where you are coming from, if you are passionate about making the internet and our world focused on people, UX is where you need to be.

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