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Exhibit at the Deutsche Museum in Munich: The printing press is a human machine relationship that changed the future of humanity and continues to be designed today

If ‘no UI is the new UI’, are designers in trouble?

Diego Mendes
Apr 17, 2016 · 2 min read

What do UX designers do in a future where ‘no UI is the new UI’ and bots rule human communication?

Many still see UX designers (or Product Designers or UI Designers) getting one thing done: creating nice wireframes on sketch or photoshop so they can help engineers build things.

Even worse, some still today see design as veneer. “Just make it pop” or “Just make it beautiful” are some phrases that come to mind from my consulting days.

Design, at its core is about solving problems and building relationships. If the interface has no interface it still needs to be designed. And great designers will still have a role to play to create those experiences.

Great designers ask the right questions. They are curious and approach problems with no pre-existing agenda. All they care about is understanding the challenges so they can solve problems.

Great designers humanize technology. They create experiences that bridge the gap between us and machines. These relationships, when designed well, create bonds and benefits that are extremely powerful.

Great designers connect dots and create bridges. They see human challenges and link them to technology based solutions. They think systematically and see the potential for growth and scale powered by this unusual relationship of humans and computers.

Great designers advocate for human benefit. They create a better future because they understand that whenever you build something on the internet, it can touch the lives of billions of people, people whom they are trying to serve by creating incredible products.

Whether the UI is made up of boxes and buttons and text, or a conversational interaction controlled by voice commands or chat bubbles, great designers will still be present, humanizing technology and building relationships between humans and machines.

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