Numbers that matter.

My time at Chegg is coming to a close at 5PM today.

I was looking at the numbers of the past 2 years… 64 design projects, 42 user research projects, desktop products, mobile products, 1 IPO (that was fun)…

These last years at Chegg were truly incredible. But 2 numbers stand out:

396 high school and college students…

…that I met during user research sessions. Most of their stories were stories of hope. Of believing that by going to school and working hard, they would be rewarded. Stories of lack of support at home and school to stay on track, graduate and go to college. Hardships in having to study and work at the same time. Students for whom every penny they make goes straight to their tuition… Stories of immigrants like me, hoping that education would allow them to help themselves and their families… those stories will always remain with me…

$450 million in 2013 + $$$ millions in 2014

is how much money we helped students and their families save… and 2014 has been just as good and it is not even over yet.

As you can see I don’t take my time at Chegg for granted. It was a true privilege to work here. I am very thankful for the wonderful time I had as a Cheggster, for all that I learned and for the wonderful opportunities Chegg provided for me.

I am very thankful for the enormous talent I found in our team. I will miss working with our design, product and engineering teams. I will also miss laughing and hanging out with the many friends I have made here. You are a class act bunch Chegg.

I love Chegg, our mission and our users (students). That will never change.

Thank you so much Chegg. I am confident you will continue to do amazing things for students in the future, just as you have in the past and present.