Pocketing is a verb!

Why I love Pocket… and joined their team =>

A few months ago I was thinking about the mobile strategy of the app I was designing. I began thinking about which apps I used almost daily and the usuals came to mind: Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp, Gmail… Almost all of the apps I used daily were ways to communicate with my friends and see what was going on in their world.

There was only one app that I used differently every single day: Pocket.

I had been using Pocket for all sorts of things. I saved content to Pocket from everywhere: articles, items I wanted to buy, news, videos, music… but more importantly, I organized all of this inside Pocket and consumed all of the content there. Instead of reading articles on uxmag.com, the news on NPR.com or watching videos on vimeo.com, I was doing all of this on Pocket. (watch a video about how Pocket works here)

Lastly, I had created my own categorization system with tags like ‘innovation’, ‘user experience’ or ‘euro trip’ (Yes, I curated & organized my summer trip to France and Italy on Pocket). All of my digital content was neatly organized where I could quickly find it and have a delightful experience as I consumed it.

I realized on that day that if Pocket disappeared, I would miss it A LOT and all of the work I put into organizing and curating my library of digital content inside it would be lost.

Pocket was incredibly valuable to me as a user. It was part of my life, my routine.

And I am not alone. No wonder Pocket has 12 million users and has won five Webby awards, including best user experience.

Fast forward to today & I am so excited to share with you that I will be joining Pocket! I will have the privilege to work with an amazingly talented team, learn lots from them & help design the future of one of the products I most love on the internet.

I wouldn’t be in this position if it weren’t for the love, support and care I have received from so many friends, mentors and family. I am forever indebted to give back to others because I have received so much from all of you.

To you I say thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Yours truly,


I’ve got a Pocket full of miracles & with a Pocket full of miracles
One little miracle a day is all I need
~ Frank Sinatra (Listen here)