Dream Spaces — ’Cause a great workspace may get you the motivation you need

Dream Game Room — Shot by https://bolondonrestaurant.com/game-room-ideas/

We all have that dirty little secret/guilty pleasure that we really really like but we have a little bit of shame that someone will discover, mine is to look at Dream Rooms/desks/setups over the internet…lol Well, I always dreamed of having an awesome gaming room and once I started posting my gaming collection on Instagram many people that also collect game from all over the world started following me and I followed them back, and dude, some have such amazing gaming rooms that this guilty pleasure thing started again and really hard this time. If you sum this to the fact that I follow many Tech YouTubers that make awesome dream setups video (Jonathan Morrison I’m looking at you) and you can see why I’m writing about it here.

Minimal Desk — Photo by Pexels

First of all I really think that there is no right or wrong on this topic, I love a minimalist desk, with only these things that matter, and I also love the ones with lots of figures and ornaments to give it a theme or show the passion for something, and this counts for entire rooms too, I’ll love it if it is just a TV, a game console, a nice chair and one or other shelf, and I’ll love it if it is pilled up with shelves, games, poster, figures and so on. In the end, it is YOUR dream, so it has to be the thing you dream of… I confess that I have two, yes TWO, dream rooms, and one dream workspace in my head, and that is what I want to share with you.

First let’s talk about my dream gaming room, it doesn’t have to be really a room, but I dream with a big black wall, with black shelves, some posters, a Nice huge Led TV and of course an old CRT tv for the old games, a nice chair and, that’s it… Nothing much, right, and at the moment I’m working on it, with slow but steady steps, so I still don’t have much to show. But I’m here to make sure you guys love to see this too right?

My other dream room is the one that I know that I’ll never have, but I keep on dreaming of it. I’m an IT Specialist working at my City’s Cityhall, and my work is kind of a Network/sysadmin, that is kind of my dream job, and it all begins with that movie Hackers, and intensified reading Neuromancer so my dream room number two would be a room for my PC, but not a normal room, a docking room like the ones you see on Neuromancer and Matrix. In my dream it would be an all-black room, no windows, wall filled up with monitors and cables(monitors that will only show random stuff, and most of the cables will be only there for decoration), at the center of it I would love to have an awesome PC, with an awesome monitor all of this mounted in a Scorpio station , this would be a dream to me and just for the price of a Scorpio and the amount of room it occupies I’m already sure that it will never happen…lol But let’s be with this amazing setup.

My dream work desk is a minimalist one, with just two monitors (one for daily tasks, other just for monitoring), some degrees of conclusion of many certifications I want to have, a nice chair, a single and simple flower vase with a cactus, some books, one nice acrylic stand (like an acrylic box to be true) with some Lego mini figures to give it a little color, a nice desk notepad, a pen and…

Well, that’s basically it… Nice huh… These ones I’m trying to build step by step at my workplace, but it is kind of hard to do it… But I’ll manage to…
Well, I could not finish this post without recommending you my favorite places to look for inspirations for these kinds of crazy stuff, right, so here is the list:

-> Jonathan Morrison — https://www.youtube.com/user/tldtoday/featured
-> Masa — https://www.instagram.com/masajarvinen09/
-> retro.gamer.girl — https://www.instagram.com/retro.gamer.girl/ & retro.gamer.guy — https://www.instagram.com/retro.gamer.guy/
->dasretromaedel — https://www.instagram.com/dasretromaedel/
->lukelikesgames — https://www.instagram.com/lukelikesgames/
->aurafreya — https://www.instagram.com/aurafreya/

Hope you guys like it, and if you do I’ll make sure to post a workspace and gaming room updatable post so you can enjoy my progress. :D

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