That’s right that JavaScript is not for client-side only, but I grantee you that if I want to use…
Islam Attrash

“but I grantee you that if I want to use Node.js in those days I’ll use TypeScript transpiler with webpack (+ ts-loader plugin)”

You could, but you don’t need to. You can go great without it.

“with karma & Jasmine testing (or whatever)”

At this point, i agree that you will be using it on both sides, but i believe this is good and not bad.

“and others will use babel (+plugins)”

Take a look at The current version of Node.js which will be LTS (6.*) has a great support for a lot of the “new” features. I don’t see the need of using transpilers, and having an extra build step. I never used it in any Node.js project.

I think we are not seeing so much of “fatigue” articles related to JS with Node.js, because there you are way more free of these kind of dependencies.