Nice article Diego.
Lewis Barclay

Hi Lewis, i liked the analogy of tarmac on roads that you mentioned. I would also use it in another way, like, blaming tarmac because a road project wasn't well planned, resulting in a bad experience for drivers and the whole traffic.

Where you say “Javascript is a victim of its ubiquitous nature” and that it gets blamed for "it’s been adapted to do a hell of a lot of things" it is exactly the way i see it. Also, if you allow me, i will "steal" the phrase about its ubiquity to use in a later moment.

I was writing another article where i talk about the power that Flash gave us (on a previous time of web's history), and how the usability in a lot of projects were often a mess because of the abuse of this power. Maybe this could make us think if bad things are happening by abusing the power that we have today with JavaScript. Do you see the same?

Thanks for contributing with more thoughts about it.