Business Trichotomy- Leaders, Salesmen, and Craftsmen.

Parts of society want to see other parts of society diminish. We are a naturally competitive and adversarial society. However, we do not impose on the freedom of those aiming to better themselves, but let them pursue their version of a path to success weather they achieve it or fail.

Why you should have qualities of Leaders, Salesmen, and Craftsmen.

You must have the qualities of a great leader to come up with your business idea.

You must be able to sell your product.

You must design a good product.

Geek Classic Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy describes the founding of our planet as a reaction against salesmen.

“When an imminent catastrophe requires the evacuation of humanity’s original home, the population escapes on three giant ships. The thinkers, leaders, and achievers take the A Ship; the salespeople and consultants get the B Ship; and the workers and artisans take the C Ship. The B Ship leaves first, and all its passengers rejoice vainly. But the salespeople don’t realize they are caught in a ruse: the A Ship and C Ship people had always thought that the B Ship people were useless, so they conspired to get rid of them. And it was the B Ship that landed on Earth.” — Peter Thiel, Zero to One

*Qualities of Leaders, Thinkers, and Engineers SHIP A

  1. Have Vision and Ability to Execute
  • cons- ultimate responsibility, relies on support team
  • example: CEO

*Qualities of Consulants and Salesmen SHIP B

  1. Persuasive and Knowledgeable.
  • pros- income based on performance
  • cons — seen as unimportant, trivial
  • example: Politician — a politician sells himself, Broker

*Qualities of Artisans and Workers SHIP C

  1. Talented and Dedicated.
  • cons- demanding work
  • example: Doctor, Lawyer


middle man is dying as the middle class is empoverished

Squeezing out a variable in the equation or attempting to simplify or streamline a process.

The great void that is left in the dissapearance of jobs and income.

Idea of middle class synthesis. Artificial creation of middle class or new middle class model that fits in todays world.

The rise to success or the failure to launch. The opportunity to succeed and the humane safety net for those who risk and fail.

how do projects and leaders get funded?

what are people selling?

can we boost production and minimize waste?

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