Joseph H. Bryan was the first born son of Morgan Bryan and Martha Strode and the first Bryan to be born in Colonial America. He was born June 1, 1720 in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

In 1734 Morgan Bryan purchased a tract in present day Berkeley Co, WVA and there he…

René Girard Philosophy

External Mediation

Girard calls ‘mediation’ the process in which a person influences the desires and preferences of another person.

Thus, whenever a person’s desire is imitated by someone else, she becomes a ‘mediator’ or ‘model’.

Girard points out that this is very evident in publicity and marketing techniques: whenever a product is…

Notes on the Generalist

A generalist should have a core specialty amongst other specialties at its core.

Maybe this is your job or your business perhaps. In my case, doing business as (DBA) Indie Mediator. It could also be your present focus. With a good model, the comparison is scaleable to multiple situations. The idea is when you have general knowledge, you may…

Indie Mediator, BTS News, and Hacker Noon.

Seeing Las Vegas and Los Angeles Trade Shows up close.

The trade show is an interesting place to hear about new companies and see their products. The trade show experience can be very valuable for a company to share its products with consumers in the field.

Take a point of view look through the camera lens.

NAB 2017

WPPI 2017

Anime Expo 2016

Stabilizer Gear Expo 2016

CES 2016

The Gibson Tent was awesomeness

Doug Bryan

Indie Mediator. Medium Contributor in Hacker Noon and Above Intelligent.

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