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Marketing is one of the most important aspects of a business. Not only it helps to build your brand name but it is also one of the aspects that generate sales to the business. From traditional marketing to digital marketing, both only have one ultimate goal; to drive sales. More than often, people think digital marketing is better than traditional marketing. I do agree. Other names for digital marketing are online marketing, internet marketing, web marketing, etc. In case you’re not familiar with digital marketing, it is about utilizing digital technology to carry out marketing activities in order to achieve marketing objectives. Digital technology is electronic devices such as computer, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. Digital marketing is carried out via the internet unlike traditional marketing is done through offline media such as magazines, newspapers, and print posters. Some examples of digital marketing platforms are:

  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)
  • Business networking (LinkedIn)
  • Promotional advertisement via e-mails
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Blogs
  • Videos

Digital marketing allows you to reach your marketing goal with a budget you can afford. It is definitely more cost-effective than traditional marketing. In fact, you will be able to advertise against large competitors with a reasonable budget and a well-executed digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing offers multiple choices from social media, search engine ads, display ads, SEO, and much more whereby you can modify your budget accordingly. Besides, there are strategies that do not cost a single cent such as setting up a social media account or a blog. In contrast, traditional marketing often requires more investment. Print media such as magazines and billboards are much costly. Why spend more in traditional marketing when you can achieve more in digital marketing with less cost?

Variety of result analysis tools (eg: Google Analytics) offer great advantages. They help marketers to monitor and track the performances of digital marketing campaigns. Besides, evaluations are made easier with performance metrics such as reach, clicks, impressions, engagement rate, conversions, etc. With such tools, campaign performances can be monitored and evaluated real time. Traditional marketing more are difficult to access, time-consuming and less credible because they are usually based on estimates rather than real numbers. Hence, tracking traditional marketing performances often cause headaches for marketers.

Engagement is one of the most important aspects for businesses to improve relationships with customers, Digital marketing encourages your prospects, clients, and followers to engage and take certain actions. Usually are to visit your website, read about your business, products, and services, buy them, rate them, and provide feedback on digital platforms which are visible to other prospects, clients, and followers. Hence, digital marketing allows you to gain publicity in a short time. More importantly, you can chat and discuss your business, products or services with your audiences instantly through digital marketing platforms such as social media. Unless you’re physically present, it would be difficult to engage with your prospects, clients, and followers through traditional marketing.

Achieve greater exposure with digital marketing. Via the Internet, digital marketing offers an opportunity for you to reach your prospects and clients across the geographical border. Your business can be seen anywhere in the world while it would be too costly to do this using traditional marketing. Imagine reaching people in the European countries even when your business is based in Asia. You’re not only gaining exposure but expanding your business across borders, which is a great thing!

Now people no longer rely on traditional print media to know the latest news and trends. Social media share buttons are available across websites, email and social media channels (Facebook, etc). Its function is to enable your posts, message, videos, etc to be shared incredibly quick among prospects, clients, and audiences. This share button makes sharing effortless and which is why words about your business spread faster than traditional media. You’ll be surprised how your newly launched pizza flavor reached the whole of the town in less than a day. The power of digital marketing is utmost amazing. All you need to do is share something worth sharing on your digital media platforms and it will work itself.

Back to the title of this article. Yes, digital marketing is good for you and your business. The future of digital marketing will continue to grow with the emergence of digital marketing technology, digital marketing automation, artificial intelligence, chatbots, etc. So, start utilizing digital marketing for your business today!

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