4 quick tips for marketing your mobile app

Are you looking to launch your own mobile application? If you’re confident that your app is ready to hit the market, here are four tips for those who are wondering where to begin.

Consider keywords when building your website

As well as making your website visually attractive and easy to navigate, it’s important that you carefully consider which keywords to incorporate in your text. Using the right keywords can help you reach your specific target market, increasing your likelihood of attracting the attention of people who would actually be interested in using your app. Careful keyword research will also help to identify what people are searching for, which is really helpful when it comes to writing a compelling product description.

Become confident in delivering a pitch

It’s all very well believing that your app can succeed in a busy market, but can you convince others that it can, too? In order to deliver a pitch with ultimate confidence, you need to know your app inside out and be fully prepared for any questions potential investors (or anyone else) may ask. Running through your pitch alone will help you perfect your timing; from there, ask a group of trustworthy friends and family to act as an audience. This will help boost your confidence, and you can even hold a practice Q&A session.

Make good use of social media

Social media is incredibly popular and almost always free to use — this makes it a great marketing tool. These days, consumers tend to expect companies, products, and anything else to have their own social media pages; it makes them easy to identify and interact with. Once you’ve decided on your app’s tone of voice, make social media profiles that also use that voice, and scout out any potential users. Creating a hashtag can help you quickly spot if anyone is talking about your app. Twitter Analytics will also help you to determine which kinds of tweets are attracting attention, and which aren’t.

Draw attention to your launch

Don’t be afraid to make a big fuss about the launch of your app — when your hard work has gone into creating and marketing it, you deserve to make a noise. Think carefully about ways to increase coverage of your launch, and ways you can boost involvement. For example, consider running a competition to gain that initial interest, or coincide the launch with a related event, using hashtags to draw attention to your app online.