DiggyStyle is a BEP20 memecoin on Binance Smart Chain. Holding $DIGGY will earn you 7% BUSD rewards and features the DiggyStyle 3D NFT collection.

Our staking utility will allow for both native $DIGGY tokens and NFTs to be staked, earning more $DIGGY.

DiggyStyle looks to stand apart from other memecoins by focusing on community spirit and bringing to holders in a safe and secure manner.

It’s time to GET $DIGGY — DiggyStyle.


GET $DIGGY Staking Pools

DiggyStyle has delivered its staking pool dApp on schedule and is now ready for investors to stake $DIGGY to earn additional rewards.

There is 3 $DIGGY staking pools to choose from that will pay rewards in the $DIGGY token. 15/30/45 days.

In addition to offering $DIGGY rewards, DiggyStyle offers additional staking pools that will reward holders in trusted “partner” tokens.

Available partner pools: Billion Dollar Rocket Token $BDRT


GET $DIGGY NFT Collection


  • Token Presale — DONE
  • Website V.1 — DONE
  • Initial marketing campaign — DONE
  • Twitter, Telegram, YouTube — DONE
  • Audit & KYC certified — DONE

  • Boost marketing campaign — DONE
  • DiggyStyle NFT V.1 — DONE
  • List $DIGGY on crypto tracking sites (eg. Lunarcrush) — DONE
  • Community giveaways — DONE
  • Explore Partnerships — DONE
  • $DIGGY Staking — DONE

  • 250 holders
  • 1000 Telegram members — DONE
  • $250k Market Cap
  • Robust marketing campaign
  • DiggyStyle NFT V.2
  • NFT Staking
  • Explore additional partnerships

Contact $DIGGY: info@gettindiggy.com

Telegram: https://t.me/DiggyStyle

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GettinDiggy



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$DIGGY is a BEP20 memecoin with utility.