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DigiByte Alliance
4 min readDec 14, 2021


Please explain how DGB Alliance is different from the DGB Foundation? What does one do which the other can’t or won’t?

The DigiByte Alliance is a public foundation created in the United States to support the DigiByte blockchain in a commercially agnostic fashion. No board member has any association with any ongoing commercial efforts in the DigiByte ecosystem that would create a conflict of interest. Its pending 501(c)(3) structure, once approved, will enable tax deduction incentivized donations to fund its mission.

The DigiByte Foundation resides in Holland and is a completely separate entity from the DigiByte Alliance. Their foundation has different legal and tax structures that are not indigenous to the United States.

The DigiByte Foundation and the DigiByte Alliance are both here to support the DigiByte ecosystem. If you have any specific questions regarding their structure and mission please contact the DigiByte Foundation directly.

Why do you exist when there are 3 other groups claiming to do the same thing as you? What will you do that they don’t? Why do you deserve donations and they don’t?

The DigiByte Alliance will serve as a commercially agnostic home to support DigiByte’s core protocol development and promote collaboration regarding the same. The key trademark of any successful open source technology project is to provide an even-handed, unbiased playing field for all developers, technologists, and companies to collectively contribute to the project’s evolution and growth. Through our tax incentivized 501(c)(3) intended structure we will be able to collect tax deductible donations in addition to having a legal organization in place that can enter into agreements and interface with interested parties to further the DigiByte ecosystem. In alignment with our mission, our hope is that our structure will facilitate an environment for active development, outreach, and research for DigiByte.

Due to its global open source network, the DigiByte blockchain can benefit from many entities of different types and in different countries. The many groups and organizations that already exist in the DigiByte ecosystem is a testament to its decentralized nature. This is one of its greatest strengths and we encourage these efforts to continue to emerge. Essentially, we are creating another “open door” to the DigiByte blockchain technology through which individuals, companies, governments, and corporations can better understand its value and properties. This open door will continue to create boots on the ground networking opportunities in the Unites States and beyond.

As our journey has just begun, we cannot comment with any certainty on what the DigiByte Alliance will do that others will not beyond what is stated above. The DigiByte Alliance has stated its mission and nonprofit donation framework. It is up to each community member’s individual discretion to decide where to allocate their donation dollars.

How do you plan to accelerate adoption?

The primary basis of our growth plan will stem from supporting the development of the DigiByte core protocol and growing a robust developer community. The DigiByte Alliance hopes to enhance the developer experience to enable a new frontier for developers to build on DigiByte’s open source protocol while also contributing to its evolution.

As a decentralized public utility, the scope of what a blockchain like DigiByte is capable of providing to the market is still in its discovery phase. The DigiByte Alliance plans to bring education and awareness not only to the public, but to commercial, academic, and governmental entities regarding DigiByte as a cryptocurrency and a blockchain application solution. These efforts will occur through a variety of potential methods, including in person meetings, networking events, workshops, hackathons, and conferences to name a few.

What are your plans to help to market DGB?

The DigiByte Alliance is currently focused on becoming a 501(c)(3) approved entity. Our educational marketing and awareness initiatives will in large part depend on the generosity of our donor base. We are currently working with a public relations firm in Washington D.C. to begin to better understand our position in the crypto market and how to better position and intelligently expose DigiByte to the mainstream market.

Are you planning to bring on developers to build?

The DigiByte Alliance hopes to build a more robust developer environment as well as raise funds for development initiatives.

What can DGB holders do to help support the DigiByte Alliance?

Each individual DigiByte community member should operate as a personal broadcast node for the DigiByte blockchain spreading the word about DigiByte.

Will your blockchain be used for government document certification in the future?

There is no way for the DigiByte Alliance to be able to anticipate future use cases by specific parties of the DigiByte blockchain.

Will you ever partner up with other blockchains such as Algorand?

The DigiByte Alliance is open to discussions with other blockchain projects to increase our presence and utility in the cryptoverse.

Do you have a plan to work on Coinbase listing?

The DigiByte Alliance will engage in productive discussions with any and all relevant industry stakeholders to increase DigiByte’s decentralized blockchain exposure and inclusion.

Thank you for your interest in the DigiByte Alliance. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at



DigiByte Alliance

A non-profit organization that facilitates collective development contribution, education, and infrastructure support to the DigiByte open source ecosystem.