DigiByte June Update

4 min readJun 30, 2021

June has now come to an end and half of the year is over. The integrations, development improvements and education by all of the DigiByte community continues to be amazing. Everyone should pat themselves on the back. We expect the next half to be even busier. Let’s continue to be respectful, welcoming and informative in our efforts to show DigiByte’s place in the world! Thank you.


1.CoinRabbit has added DGB as collateral on their platform. You can learn more about it below.

2.Seven Broker did an article on how to use DigiByte on their platform and more about the blockchain is about. This is great to see the continuous education happening about us.

3.Our GitHub continues to be active with dialogue and problem solving. Here is a great example of a potential 3 yr old issue being resolved. Constant improvement.

4.The Guarda Wallet provided an update on the additional items that can be done with DigiByte. This is another option for community members and investors to use.

5.Josiah’s DigiByte Updates have been a consistent informative source for our community. This was a bit unique in that it was live one where members could ask questions.

6.Antum ID continues to work on Digi ID and the underlying DigiByte technology. They have introduced a new product called AntumID SolarBridge. Exciting!

7.As a community we strive for transparency. The DigiByte developers have created a public Gitter channel so that anyone can track the progress of various milestones or even post concerns, questions, etc.

8.GetBlock continues to support the DigiByte community with an instant API connection. We appreciate all that they do.

9.SwapZone has made some refinements to their page about DigiByte and this is another way for users to convert their assets via a non custodial exchange.

10.DigiByte payments can be accepted on WooCommerce. NowPayments shares this in their Youtube video.

11.The DigiAssetX team continues to work on improvements for their platform. You can watch their activity via GitHub as well.

12.The Travala team continues to support DigiByte and we appreciate all the work they have. You can book various travel products with DigiByte.

13.StealthEX has added DigiByte on their platform. Every month different exchanges and platforms continue to add us showing our worldwide growth.

14.The Ren Team has integrated Solana for interoperability and this is a direct bridge for $renDGB. Great option for other ways to generate potential yield.

15. The DigiByte Foundation provided more detail about their partnership with ThreeFold. It looks like there will be a lot more exciting developments in the future from both of these organizations.

16.Kudos to Markus Begerow for his presentation which will include an introduction to DigiByte technology.

17.DigiByte community member Z3FixXx showed the support by the EnergiSwap platform to swap DigiByte for other assets. Great to see!

18.A very cool video was made demonstrating a speed test of DigiByte against several other assets. Who do you think was the fastest?

19.CoinEx has added DGB/USDT and DGB/BTC margin pairs on their platform. You can learn more about that below.

Recent Interviews and Posts:

1.There was a wonderful AMA with the Blockchain Nigeria group. Great way to expand DigiByte awareness around various parts of the world.

2.DigiByte fans donated to have our logo on a waterski pro tour event. DigiByte is showing up everywhere!

3.Jared did an interview with CryptoBuddies and it is now live. Lots of great nuggets in there. Have a listen.

4.Thanks to Josiah for updating Trezor’s Blockbook explorer to the latest DigiByte version. It’s always important to have our eyes and ears open to be on top of things.

5.Check out an information video by MarketSquare on DigiByte. Thanks to Blazzord for posting this.

6.The CoinRabbit team conducted an AMA with the DigiByte community to answers questions and concerns about their platform. There was a good amount of participation and it was nice to see the transparency to make participants more comfortable.

7.Josiah participated in an interview with Crypto God. Lots of good information in there and grateful that he continues to spread the word about DigiByte.

8.An article was published discussing the 5 best DigiByte Wallets. Another great source of information for various members to learn about the various options.

9.DGBSoCal, ScryptSkyNet and Josiah Spackman had separate chats with CryptoND1 about all things DigiByte. Awesome to see leadership and initiative by all the DigiByte community members.

10.Community member AmoreLoveAmor hosted a DigiByte Lounge chat for people to participate. Great to see his continuous initiative to welcome and include people.


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