It has been an active month of August with lots of development focus, exchange listings and other posts to help spread the word on what DigiByte is and how it can help in this blockchain ecosystem. Thank you to the consistent and tireless efforts of so many across the world.


1.The DigiByte developers and community are continuing to work together to make progress on v8.22, which is a great sign of things to come.

2.Beefy Finance has added $renDGB to their platform for users to generate yield on their assets.

3.DigiAssetX has discussed DigiSweep to…

The DigiByte community never stops! Another solid month of use cases, listings and goals being accomplished. The journey continues on with lots of new faces. It is amazing to see the various walks of life, thoughts, ideas and the ability to step back and continue in a united way to move DigiByte forward. Thank you to each and every one of you!


1.LifeHash has announced that they will be providing solutions to deter fraud and provide transparency. DigiByte is one of the blockchains that will be the underlying technology!

2.The Ren Team has now integrated $renDGB on renBridge…

June has now come to an end and half of the year is over. The integrations, development improvements and education by all of the DigiByte community continues to be amazing. Everyone should pat themselves on the back. We expect the next half to be even busier. Let’s continue to be respectful, welcoming and informative in our efforts to show DigiByte’s place in the world! Thank you.


1.CoinRabbit has added DGB as collateral on their platform. You can learn more about it below.

2.Seven Broker did an article on how to use DigiByte on their platform and more about the…

May was another huge month in terms of development, awareness and education for the DigiByte community. We continue to reach new milestones and bring in new community members all over the world. We want to thank each and every one of you for your contributions. Let’s keep pushing each other to achieve new heights!


1.SwapSpace allows swaps between different assets now their platform via Binance. There continues to be a myriad of options for folks looking to acquire DigiByte.

2.DigiByte is available on SevenB. It can be download via the Play Store on Google.

3.AntumID will release an…

We are truly amazed at how far we have come as a project and a community in the blockchain ecosystem. April was another month where we continued to build and forge ahead. We are proud that we continue to take a mature and professional approach in educating and welcoming others. As always, thank you to everyone!


1.Atomic Wallet did a great job explaining DigiByte in this video. We appreciate the contributions made by other DigiByte supporters.

2.There were quite a bit of improvements and fixes done by the DigiByte development team on the mobile wallets. The team is responsive…

March has come to an end and there has been tremendous progress for DigiByte! We are so proud of all the contributions by every DigiByte community member. Let’s continue to push forward and make 2021 even more exciting. Thank you to everyone!


  1. There are now more and more companies accepting DigiByte, which is great to see. You can learn more about these companies through

2.The DigiByte Reddit subforum is a great place to get information and interact with seasoned and new DigiByte members. There has been a redesign and it looks fantastic. Check it out!

3.Bittrex continues…

It was another exciting month for DigiByte as a community and the digital currency space in general. We are seeing more adoption and growth, which confirms the fact that we can continue to build and spread education and awareness.


1.DGBAT member Michelle discussed how DigiByte has been included in the HUMBL Financial ETX suite of products. This is a great sign to see exposure in 40 countries worldwide for $DGB.

2.There was so much news out of Antum and their integration of Digi ID. We have included a few of the posts. …

The New Year is upon us and there is so much going on in the industry in general and we are expecting another solid year of development, integrations and use cases for DigiByte. We hope everyone is energized and ready to keep getting the word out about DigiByte!


1.The biggest milestone is that DigiByte turned 7 years old on January 10th, 2014. We thank @jaredctate and all the DigiByte devs and community members that have brought us this far. A huge statement!

2.ZelaaPay has added $DGB as one of the few blockchain projects on its debit card.

The end of the year is approaching and we are excited about how far DigiByte has come and the new milestones ahead! This could not have been possible without the countless hours and dedication of every DigiByte community member. We look forward to continuing to educate and spread the word about $DGB.


1.Atomic Wallet now lets you buy DigiByte with Mastercard and Visa directly. Another great way to purchase $DGB.

2.CoinSwitch Kuber which is a crypto app has added DigiByte to it’s platform.

3.Josiah aka @dgb_chilling has fixed the DigiStats server and we are appreciative of him doing…

It has been another great month for DigiByte and our community. We are so excited about the work that is being done and there is so much to look forward to! We applaud all the community members, old and new, that continue to do their part.


1.On 02/02/2020 GitHub captured a snapshot of every active public repository. Those millions of repos were then archived to hardened film designed to last for 1,000 years, and stored in the GitHub Arctic Code Vault in a decommissioned coal mine deep beneath an Arctic mountain in Svalbard, Norway.

2.The Oxis team has integrated…


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