Google AdWords Partner Requirements 2016

Google AdWords is without a doubt the online ad network with the largest
reach and user base (over 67% of all online ads ran through AdWords in 2015).

To facilitate agencies who use AdWords on behalf of their clients and the
companies who utilize AdWords on a regular basis, Google started a
Partners program. Any company qualifying for the partners program gets a
badge from Google, which they can display on their website, along with
promotions and discounts on CPC.

The AdWords platform and its partnership program has evolved in the last
few years. It seems that Google is paying special attention to this side
of the their business, and that is no surprise since its the most
profitable business unit for the tech giant. However Google’s approach for
trying out new changes seems to be trial and error based. They have
changed the number of AdWords certification exams, the number of certified
people required to be a partner, the fee for the certifications among other things. They seem to be rolling out a few changes every year.

Here are the latest requirements for an agency to be a Google partner, and
‘how tos’ for fulfilling them:

1 — Certified Professional Associated with the Company
2 — Performance Enhancing Features
3 — Budget Spent on AdWords

Certified Professional Associated with the Company

Google wants at least one person who has completed AdWords certification
to be associated with the company. The company this person will link with
his/her AdWords Certification is the company that will receive the AdWords
Partnership status and badge.

It is important to understand that the email address you have used to
appear for AdWords Certification exam may or may not be the same address
that you use to run campaigns on AdWords. For linking the accounts you
simply need to link the main company account (AdWords profile) with the
person’s profile (Certification profile). This needs to be done after
logging in and while using Google’s system. Practically, it does not
matter if these accounts are on different email address or if they are on
the same email address.

Previously Google required two certified professionals to be associated
with a company for Partnership status, but recent updates have reduced it
to two.

Performance Enhancing Features

Performance enhancing features are the advanced Adwords’ features that
mostly professionals use. These features bring more value to the AdWords
campaigns for the same amount of money spent. In other words when used
carefully these features have the potential to have a positive effect on
the ROI of the ad spend.

If a partnership applicant company has not utilized a certain number of
these features from their account for their ad campaigns, then Google will
not allow that user to have the partnership status. Once you have applied
for the partnership status Google will show you a graph of how much is the
minimum requirement for performance enhancing features and how much have
you utilized them from your AdWords company account. Based on that graph
the system will allow or disallow you to become a partner.

This requirement was not their in the past. Google has introduced it as a
new style of AdWords certification & partnership system design interface.
There is a chance that it will go away in the future, but for now this is
a ‘compulsory’ requirement for the partner status.

Budget spent on AdWords

Google requires 10,000 USD spend through the AdWords account in the past. This should
be the same company account which you want to be a partner. You could have spent this on many campaigns or on a single campaign. There are no restrictions or limitations to this rule except the amount ($10000).

This is a basic requirement for the AdWords Partnership and has always been there.

If you full fill these requirements and qualify for the Partnership with Google, please sign up here. If you want to learn more about the qualification, you can read the detailed documents by Google here or here.

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