Social Media for Smaller Companies & Start-ups

Social Media Marketing has become an essential for most businesses. Many start ups do not have time, energy and resources to learn, devise and implement comprehensive social media marketing strategy. With a bunch of social media channels, each with its own special purpose and style, the task can seem daunting for sure. Co-founders usually have their hands full, and many times they assume that can start marketing once the product is ready, but that is not an advisable approach.

Another extreme way of doing social media marketing is to just start doing it one day without prior planning, research or commitment.

Obviously there is no one size fits all type social media marketing strategy. Still there are some general do’s and don’ts that start-ups can follow. Here is a short list of things that you should consider when making a marketing strategy for the digital world.

Don’t assume it’s simple:

Sure, its not rocket science, but not a walk in the park either. Nobody ever said selling your products and/or services is going to be easy.

So you should get ready to learn a few things. Even if you want to outsource it, or hire capable people for marketing, you should at least know what you want, how much you can spend, and other simple things like break even point, Key performance indicators, brand positioning, key selling point etc.

Customer Centric VS Product Centric

Product Developers can easily be entranced by their creation. The downfall is the they do not imagine if their products fits in to the lives of their target customers. This can create problems when they start to market the product and/or service.

At the other end of the spectrum are people who only try to solve customer problems. They have their focus on a specific group of people that they want to target, and they build the product and/or service around that groups one or two specific problems.

While any of these approaches could work, but as a general rule mixing these two together is a great way to start building a brand.

Don’t create silos within the team

You should not completely outsource your marketing. Make sure that if you ask a freelancer or an agency to help you with the marketing, that they understand your brand very well.

If you have hired somebody to do the marketing for you. That person cannot work in a vacuum. He or she is not a magic worker. A good marketing person will always discuss your business in more depth than you would expect him/her to.

I am not advising you to do micromanaging, or to overwhelm your marketing staff. In fact you should make yourself available, trust your people, and let them do their thing.

Do a little project management 101

Project Management requires a systematic approach towards all business processes. One of the very basic concept of PM is to document everything for future project managers to review and learn from.

Start-ups usually find it hard to find the team that can jell together and become a tightly knitted unit. Before the ideal team arrives you will probably go through a number of team changes and thus a number of changes in the way you do your marketing. It’s important that you write that down. Documentation will help future teams learn from the mistakes of previous team members, understand the transition of the brand and its current state. This will seem difficult and time consuming, but it will eventually save you a lot of funds, precious time and lost revenue.

You can learn other useful PM techniques in a short article, here.

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