Discussing Ethics in Big Data at DigitYser

Discussing ethics is crucial, and that is why our first Big Data meetup at our new building will focus on this topic

Some weeks ago, during the DiSummit 2017 edition, several of the speakers (including Filip Maertens and Pierre-Nicolas Schwab) referred to the importance of embedding ethics into algorithms.

Pierre-Nicolas Schwab
Filip Maertens

In the midst of scandals on inappropriate practices on data, it is of the utmost importance to place the spotlight on how data is retrieved and used. This is in line with the organisations’ increasing commitment to bring a more positive impact to society.

Following the public’s reaction on the topic during the diSummit, it is our pleasure to kick-off the Big Data meetup at our new building (next to Metro Yser) discussing “Big Data and Ethics” on June 15th, where Toon Borré (TriFinance), Thomas Carette (Axa), Leenke De Donder (FourSevens), Jochanan Eynikel (Etion), Filip Maertens (Faction XYZ), Pierre-Nicolas Schwab (RTBF) and our special guest Michael Ekstrand (Boise State University, Idaho, USA) will share their experience on the topic.

These talented seven speakers will provide a general perspective of the topic, share the status of specific sectors, present the cases of autonomous technology and recommender systems, discuss the situation of the retail and financial sectors, and show the incorrect use of data visualization.

This meetup will certainly bring plenty food for thought! As more than 160 people have already suscribed, we suggest booking your slot by clicking on the event’s Meetup and FB page. We look forward to meet you on June 15th. to show you our new building and enjoy a great discussion!

Also… join us for an executive lunch with Michael Ekstrand!

After the meetup, Michael Ekstrand will also present his vision and raise awareness about ethics among decision-makers and other Big Data enthusiasts during an executive lunch in Brussels. This event, taking place on June 16th., will be limited to 20 people. You can book your slot by clicking on this Eventbrite event.

We look forward to meeting you at these events!

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