Big Data Management is Getting Serious

Over a period of five years, the market of global Big Data Management solutions is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 12.8%. As the amount and complexity of unstructured data continue to swell, traditional data management process applications have become inadequate. To store and manage this enormous data, there is a need to employ non-relational database management system and open-source software framework.

Applications like NoSQL and Hadoop aren’t much popular today, but with the ever-increasing volume of unstructured data, we need to utilize them for efficient data classification and data analysis. NoSQL Data System delivers integrated data analytics to extract meaningful information and give your business a competitive advantage.

Hadoop provides massive storage for any kind of data and allows you to scale the database across a cluster of separate database servers. As of now, not many decision-makers are taking the unstructured data into account for their business decisions. But with an expected 25% growth of group NoSQL and 32.9% growth of Hadoop annually in the course of five years, the scenario is bound to change.

At Breeze Telecom, we are creating boutique Big Data solutions for enterprises who are incorporating data virtualization systems or still contemplating making their data more structured, digestible and actionable. Do comment, helping us understand how you interpret Big Data trends as we enter the last quarter of 2016.