SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016 — the past, present and Future

SharePoint has made a huge impact in the enterprise niche, emerging as a technology platform that eases everyday workloads. It is among the most trusted of ECM tools employed by businesses, big and small. If you are contemplating adopting SharePoint, understand that it comes in two different ECM offerings — Out of the box. This is more of a workgroup collaboration tool that uses Microsoft Office documents, usually on-premise but is very easy to incorporate data from the cloud too. If you happen to use the Microsoft cloud, the collaboration of data will become even smoother.

Beyond its Office 365 mode, SharePoint 2013 had emerged as a major development platform. This is for bigger enterprises and development teams that are handling complex ECM solutions. This requires significant investment in terms of talent and development skills. You get a massive array of extension and customization options apart from third-party add-ons. This is the dual nature of SharePoint 2013 that we understand but now it seems that Microsoft is bringing more tools to SharePoint, ensuring that business accounts get more development liberties in the enterprise context. Microsoft is marketing the emerging SharePoint platform as more ready-made, easier to adapt and adopt, easier-to-use and it also decreases your dependence on shared drives.

Enterprise customers should be very happy about the SharePoint 2016 that is due to be launched within the next couple of weeks. As a business stakeholder who is often involved in customization projects for optimizing internal workloads, you will realize that SharePoint 2016 is a part of Microsoft’s massive upgrade strategy that makes personalization of essential applications easier and the entire platform more versatile.

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