Google Search — let’s reunite the world

Google Search year 2016 —

A brief note on an excellent Marketing Campaign:

2016 was a strife torn year; maybe the worst humanity has witnessed post World War II. The Vietnamese War or the Invasion of Iraq in 1991 fades to comparison what we have witnessed in 2016. The attacks against humanity in all parts of the world have brought to the forefront — are we humane enough to be called humans? 
Google has been successful in using breakthrough innovation to use technology for the bigger benefits of humankind in multiple ways that was unimaginable even some years ago.
Google Search helped — from taking the veil off the political uncertainty in countries, to finding survivors in the war zone to making sure the relief gets reached in time to where it is needed or for that matter to ensure a political mindset towards love and humanity can be created worldwide. Google can make small communities come together one step at a time against the fight for war and terrorism, political oppression and fight for the equality of life. Google search and the platform itself give humanity a unique opportunity to be closer together and bridge the gap between gender, race and continents. The entire Google platform can be used to spread love across the world — to the refugees of the war torn countries, to the destitute in Africa or for that matter much forgotten parents languishing in old age homes with a tear or two in their eyes.
As the advertisement ends on the sublime note, “Search On” — Love is out there.
Let’s pledge to be more humane a bit more every day and make the world a better place.

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