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Digital Action is hiring a full-time Project Lead, starting as soon as possible. The role will be based in Dublin for at least the first six months. Details here.

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Jun 13 · 2 min read

The Project Lead will be one of the first hires in a new organisation aiming to counter digital threats to democracy. They will have a strong interest in the ways that technology is impacting democracy globally; our ability to hold free and fair elections, speak freely, and live private lives under the rule of law. And they will be driven to make things better.

Digital Action’s way of working is through coalition building, building on the lessons from Crisis Action. Therefore the Project Lead will be interacting with partners from a range of backgrounds; on any project this might include researchers, activists, journalists, lawyers, coders, human rights defenders, bureaucrats, storytellers, project managers, lobbyists, funders, artists, consultants or diplomats. Experience in one or some of these areas would help, but we are more concerned with finding someone excited by the idea of bridging gaps and enabling effective collaboration than we are with any one area of expertise.

The Project Lead will be joining a small team, which means plenty of opportunities to help shape the strategy and direction, and to lead on impactful projects from the beginning. It also means mucking in with the day-to-day tasks of getting an organisation up and running.

More details can be found here. Applicants have until June 27th to apply, by sending a CV and cover letter, addressed to the Director Liz Carolan, to

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Digital Action exists to strengthen democratic rights in a digital age, by building coalitions capable of revealing & addressing digital threats to democracy